Global Institute of Engineering and Technology


Greetings from Global Institute of Engineering & Technology!


Ms. Sabiha Farzana

Secretary, MEWS

Global Group of Institutions

Dear Prospective Students and Parents !!

 We not always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”

The above quote perfectly describes our aim at Global Institute of Engineering and Technology. Beyond providing a sound education, we wish to provide our students a holistic learning experience for life. Our Institution puts a strong focus on social empowerment through dynamic education. This commitment has earned us great reputation in the realm of education over the years and even at present . Our Institution’s journey has allowed us to gain pride for our services, as not only an educational but also as an institution that stands for change for the better.

Our determination to reach higher standards by continuously being at the forefront of creativity and innovation has accelerated our development from being one of the best engineering colleges in Telangana and also to be a nationally recognized institute. The Institution has lent its expert faculties to the development of Academic Excellence. It has been accredited by national authorities and I must congratulate all involved in making this possible. Since its establishment, the college has contributed greatly to educating some of our nation’s finest engineering talents.

We at Global Institute of Engineering and Technology are proud of our mission and pledge to maintain it. By working towards this mission, we in turn work towards social transformation with dynamic inspiration for innovative change. To uphold expectations and accomplish our goals, we focus on what’s truly important to us – “knowledge and strength brought forth through learning”.

We have introduced a blend of  benchmark entrepreneurship concepts mixed with innovative methods to nurture and train students to be Industry-ready. We provide outstanding progress through our world class infrastructure consisting of a sprawling educational campus along with green cover to complement our institution as a landmark and source of inspiration for those who wish to follow suit in our footsteps.

I urge every student to make efforts to take their studies to newer heights. Let’s make our GIET the best in professional education around the world.

I wish the teachers and the students of Global Institute of Engineering and Technology all the best in making it a truly a great place for educational advancement and growth.

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