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Industrial visits

Every year GIET organizes various student technical visits by the departments and coordinated and guided by the respective course faculty. These industrial visits are for the practical exposure and understanding of engineering students. Watching and learning about the practical systems in the industry by actually visiting many legendary and prominent companies and interacting with their respective authorities gives students the practical edge and thorough understanding. These visits let the students go beyond academics and to develop the insights of the students

Industrial Visit to Eesavyasa Technologies

Our Civil Engineering Students got expo on Water Treatment Plant.

Eesavyasa is a Research and Development for large Corporate and Government establishments in the areas of Water Treatment, Industrial Power Reduction, Agriculture, and Aquaculture.

Students are made aware of the treatment technologies available for desalination of water and mostly they are patented technology of using Nano technology for treatment of domestic and industrial waste water.students gained knowledge on sewage treatment plant and effluent water treatment plant even our students also visited to their fabrication unit.

Nano EMRION Community Water Treatment

  •  Bacteria/Virus + Heavy Metal Removal
  •  Treats surface and groundwater
  •  Embedded Software
  • Treats unlimited quantity (multiple MLDs.
  • Uses 75% less power
  •  Requires minimal manual intervention
  • All-Purpose water for all utilities

Nano EMRION Sewage Treatment
Bacteria/Virus + Heavy Metal Removal

  • Water fit for utilities & industrial consumption
  • Requires 80% less installation space
  • Can even be mounted on a vehicle for mobility
  •  Embedded software
  •  Transmits quality parameters (SMS/email)
  • No aeration required
  •  Treats unlimited quantity (multiple MLDs)

Aquoze Consumer Water Treatment

  • Ozone-based treatment
  • Leaves no toxic by-products
  •  Removes Bacteria/Virus
  • Removes Heavy Metals
  •  Bulk treatment (up to 5000 ltrs/day
  • Unmatched Input-Output Ratio
  • No Pre-treatment Needed

Industrial Visit to Eesavyasa Technologies

The Students and Staff of Mechanical Engineering Department Successfully Completed a 5 Day Industrial Training Program at the prestigious National Skills Trainers Institute (NSTI), Government of India, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Hyderabad.

These unique industry-oriented training courses were conducted from 30th July 2018 to 3rd August 2018. The programs were in the core field of Auto CAD Designing, Quality Engineering and Automotive Engineering.

The proficiency Certificates were awarded to the Trainees by Mr.MK Parial, Director, NSTI and Mr. S.Suryanarayana, Joint Director, NSTI. The students cherished the hands-on experience and augmented the streamline of knowledge.

Two of our Proficient Students – Mr. Abhilash Bandari and Mr.Kadali Rakesh were Selected to attend 6 weeks internship at NSIC, Govt of India.

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