Data Science

Data science is a multidisciplinary approach to extracting actionable insights from the large and ever-increasing volumes of data collected and created by today’s organizations. Data science encompasses preparing data for analysis and processing, performing advanced data analysis, and presenting the results to reveal patterns and enable stakeholders to draw informed conclusions.

The Data Science Lifecycle

The data science lifecycle—also called the data science pipeline—includes anywhere from five to sixteen (depending on whom you ask) overlapping, continuing processes. The processes common to just about everyone’s definition of the lifecycle include the following:

Data science Uses


Data science has led to a number of breakthroughs in the healthcare industry.

Self-Driving Cars

Tesla, Ford and Volkswagen are all implementing predictive analytics in their new wave of autonomous vehicles.


UPS turns to data science to maximize efficiency, both internally and along its delivery routes.


the music streaming giant can carefully curate lists of songs based on the music genre or band you’re currently into.


Data science have saved the financial industry millions of dollars, and unquantifiable amounts of time.


Data science is useful in every industry, but it may be the most important in cybersecurity.

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