Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Established in the year 2006, the department now has an intake of 60 in the UG(CSE) programme. It has the necessary infrastructural facilities required for imparting high-quality education and the department is fully structured to meet the contemporary needs of the industry. Imparting high quality education is supported by well qualified and experienced faculty; further support is extended by technically skilled and competent programmers. Seminars, Workshops and Technical Symposia are conducted in the department to keep faculty and students updated with the latest developments in various technologies. The students in the department are moulded into competent software professionals, to face the challenges of the IT sector.

The department has progressed with a vision and a strong commitment to developing competent programmers with uncompromising standards of excellence in the training, both classroom sessions and hands-on sessions, given to students.
The department has well-equipped computing laboratories and a rich repository of software covering a wide spectrum of applications.

Department Vision

To impart knowledge and excellence in the field of CSE of world-class competency and make ethically strong engineers.

Department Mission

To make the Department a Centre of Excellence in the field of CSE(AI & ML).

Programmed Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Graduates of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be able to

Graduates of CSE will be able to synthesize mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, laboratory and work-based experiences to formulate and solve engineering problems in Computer science domains.

They will succeed in entry-level engineering positions with in Software & Hardware industries in regional, national, or international industries and with government agencies.

The Students will succeed in the pursuit of advanced degrees in engineering or other fields where a solid foundation in mathematics, science, and engineering Fundamentals is required.

Programmed Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

Graduates of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will be able to

Ability to explore emerging technologies in the field of computer science and engineering. Can apply different algorithms in different domains to create innovative products.

Knowledge to work on various platforms to develop useful and secure applications to the society. Execute the intelligence of system architecture and organization in designing the new era of computing environment.

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