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Research and Development Cell


  • Mrs. Ravindra Tiwari is a Research Guide under JNTUH since 2008 in the discipline of Biotechnology One candidate is awarded the Ph.D. degree and two are on rolls. She has an excellent track record of publishing articles in international journals of good impact factors. She has presented her finding related to Electro-Magnetic Pollution, at USA, Greece, and Singapore. She was an invited speaker recently an international conference in April 2017 in Dubai. She has completed two Major Research Projects funded by UGC worth 18 lakhs.
  • V.V.V.S. Murty is a Research Guide under JNTUH. One candidate is awarded and three are about to submit.


Research and Development cell has been formed on the recognition of the fact that pioneering research and technological innovations will be critical drivers for the nation’s sustained economic growth. It will facilitate the interchange of information, establishment of standards, new techniques and fresh approaches to old problems.


  • To focus on providing an atmosphere conducive to research and development for faculty and students.
  • To collaborate with industries and other institutes at the national and international levels.
  • To initiate and give the proper impetus to research activities which would contribute to further developments in an increasingly tech-savvy world.

Area of Research

  • Composite construction
    a)Steel-Concrete composite.
    b)Aluminum –High-density foam composites.
  • Composite construction
    a)Steel-Concrete composite.
    b)Aluminum –High-density foam composites.

He has published many articles in international journals of high Impact Factors and presented many papers in National and International conferences.

Under the guidance of research committee the faculty and students are encouraged to write articles and to undertake the research in newly emerging frontier areas including multidisciplinary fields. This enhances the general research capability of budding technocrats by way of participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, projects competitions, etc

Industry Institute Interaction Cell

Objectives of the Project:

  • To promote the participation of industry and institute for the development of skills in students.
  • To arrange industry visits and industrial training for the faculty and students to have an exposure of latest disciplines in technology.
  • To provide technical consultancy and training to small-scale & rural industries.
  • To take up joint Research & Development projects with the industries

The college has envisaged an action plan to achieve its objectives by a dedicated team of staff members.

  • Easavyasa Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Balanagar Hyderabad has applied for R&D facilities in the areas of water purification, Nanotechnology, energy optimization, environment-related technologies, Industrial optimization with more than 80 patents have agreed to extend to our IIIC activates on 15/03/2017. The college initiated seawater desalination using nanotechnology as the first project
  • We also have consent from M/s Solon Ltd. A multinational company into solar power generation globally to support our IIIC Activities

Research committee

  1. Dr. V.V.V.S Murty
  2. Dr. (Mrs.). Ravindra Tiwari
  3. Dr. T.P. Srinivasan
  4. Dr. (Mrs.). Prasanna Rekha
  5. Dr. S. Padam Priyal
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